Lakemont Georgia Fishing Areas

 “Take a Kid fishing on Lake Rabun”
The owner of Mills3 is a life long avid fisherman on Lake Rabun & Lake Seed and is in the process of putting
together a slide show and “how to” catch those awesome Lake Rabun fish we call bream and bluegill.
Lake Rabun is loaded with bream and bluegill and is a paradise to “take a kid fishing”.
If you would like to take a kid fishing on Lake Rabun before the slide show and how to is
available you can contact the owner and ask to get this info from him. Use the Contact Form
on the Contact Page. In the Subject box put “take a kid fishing”  and give him more details
in the Message box and he’ll respond to it as time permits for him, usually not to long when
it comes to fishing on Lake Rabun or Lake Seed.